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Time for relaxation is one of the most important aspects within a holiday trip.

Le Belhamy Spa is located at the beachfront, near the lush massage areas of this brilliant resort.Le Belhamy Spa’s mission is to transport guests through luxurious sensory journeys, with a la carte and local treatments for balancing the senses.

Here you can get yourself the best spa treatment to allow yourself to have a more integrated and balanced life. This helps you to restore your body, revive your mind and get your spirit energized.

A little luxurious pampering never goes amiss and is on hand to complete the total relaxation experience at this resort. Shopping therapy is available in this area.


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Spa Philosophy

Spa harmony between the physical and spiritual essence of man was an exceptional honor in Hellenistic culture. The ancient Greeks paid special attention to their physical beauty: massage, hydrotherapy, cosmetics. A slender and athletic body was the aesthetic ideal of this period. It was believed that the external beauty a person possesses led to rich spirituality. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended in his works to maintain health and beauty, sensible diet, massage, aromatic baths, fragrance with incense plants. Spa was in the core principles of ancient life, and is still used to make you completely destressed and to regain your full vitality