Boat Trip to Pottery & Carpentry Village

    Thanh Ha was a thriving village, in the 16th and 17th century . It was famous for earthenware that was sold in many provinces throughout Central Vietnam. The Thanh Ha potters are still working in the same way as their forefathers. With their clever and skillful hands, they turn clay into pretty flower vases, tea pots, piggy banks, water jars, kettles, cooking pots or lovely ornaments of birds, turtles, buffaloes, cats and ducks.
Kim Bong village is well known for its carpentry. Most of Hoi An old town’s architecture was made by their ancestors, dating back to the town’s heyday as a commercial port. Their work on the head of columns, rafters, pillars, altars, tables, chairs and beds is masterful and can be appreciated by anyone who sees it. The Kim Bong carpenters still keep their traditional skills alive.  They often restore the old buildings in town or make wooden statues and traditional furniture to be sold and exported.

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